US Constitution parchment typescript | Konstytucja USA, typoskrypt pergaminu

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Typoskrypt pergaminu, IA

Item creator | Twórczyni materiału: Teresa Pelka
■→Creative Commons 4.0, BY-SA 3.0, or 2.5.

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Font Great Vibes Open Type 19 pt, 1.5 pt spacing on average; kerning 1 pt and above; indentation LEX (Latin for law); scalable 40×50 inches.

Czcionka Great Vibes Open Type 19 pkt, rozstaw średnio 1.5 pkt, kerning 1pkt i wyżej, akapit LEX (po łacinie prawo); skalowalne 40×50 cali.

Original document facsimiles | Fotografie dokumentów oryginalnych
■→Constitution Parchment Page 1Constitution Parchment Page 2Constitution Parchment Page 3Constitution Parchment Page 4 ,
■→John Carter Print Page 1John Carter Print Page 2.

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Published by Teresa Pelka

Linguist, specialized in American English and psycholinguistics; inventor of Language Mapping, a generative grammar method; author and translator.